Andrew Cummings, Baritone
"Andrew Cummings, as the Count, made the most of the role from both vocal and dramatic standpoints. He, too, seemed to have a well-conceived idea of the role, and added to it a light touch and distinction."
     - The Pittsburgh Stage Magazine, 7/25/2015

"Another highlight was the rich vocal tones of baritone Andrew Cummings in Owen's poem "Bugles Sang," which brought to mind a musical call to battle by bugles on opposite sides of a conflict..."
     - Laurence E. MacDonald, 4/18/2015

"Andrew Cummings’ Count was marked by exceptionally clear diction..."
     - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,, 7/25/2015

"Andrew Cummings hooked the audience through vivid interpretations and a balance between humor and passion.... Cummings stood out because of his stage presence and dramatic intensity."
     - No Pasa Nada,, 1/31/2014

"From the opening piece, the powerful 'Si Puo" prologue from Pagliacci, it was clear that Cummings had a true dramatic quality... For his individual encore Cummings sang a profound and expressively contained version of a Schumann lied called Stille Tranen. In an interview after the gala, both singers said that in order to be successful one must sing with the whole body and not only the voice, as was clearly demonstrated throughout the evening."
     - Dossier Politico, 2/2/2014

"Cummings posesses a clear, invigorating baritone that carries passion and weight."
     - The Times Herald-Record, 11/19/2013

"The protagonists were potent. Andrew Cummings' MacBeth... brought both hefty voice and formidable presence. Not only did he sing with power enough to make Verdi's big moments hit home, but he could also go the opposite way: by reining his voice in to a whisper or a sotto voce cry of terror, he opened a window on the terrors that seize the character's soul."
     - Houston Chronicle, 2/5/2013

“The orchestra's rich and resonant sound supports fine singing by the show's primary performers, most notably Andrew Cummings, whose powerful baritone as Renato provides this production with its most glorious moments... Cummings is a commanding presence in the production."
    - Ladue News, 7/2/2012

“Baritone Andrew Cummings, tall and sexy, was one of the most appealing characters on stage, with real presence."
    - St. Louis Today, 6/30/2012

"The Flint Symphony and Festival Chorus were at their best... The soloists... including baritone Andrew Cummings, hinted no less than a voice from heaven."
  - Michigan Live, 4/25/2012

“Andrew Cummings was a commanding Conte di Luna... He gave his character a sympathetic edge, although the Conte's actions made such sympathy difficult for the audience to maintain."
    - Opera Pulse, 3/22/2012

“The vocal star of the evening was baritone Andrew Cummings as the noble Zurga. Not only did he sing with a rich sound, his expressiveness was, at times, heart-wrenching."
    - The Rutland Herald, Vermont, 6/6/2010

“Cummings, tall and commanding, wins us over because he can convey vulnerability and a sexy sweetness under all of his 6 feet 5 inches of baritone power... The Act I duet 'Au font du temple saint' thrilled the audience... exceptionally strong vocal performances soared throughout the evening."
    - The Addison County Independent, Vermont, 6/10/2010

"Physically and musically, baritone Andrew Cummings, as Escamillo, was the most commanding presence of the night.”
    - The Times Union, Albany, NY 8/20/2009

“Andrew Cummings’s Escamillo has a commanding and rich baritone and a smoldering aura.”
    -The Troy Record, New York, 8/20/2009

“In the role of Valentin, Andrew Cummings was vocally compelling...
His singing of the famous aria 'Avant de quitter ces lieux' won him an ovation.  Cummings possesses a rich and flexible baritone with a golden timbre."

      - The Brooklyn Eagle, 6/19/2009

"Baritone Andrew Cummings is an atypical Figaro. Towering and physically imposing, Cummings sings the role of the cunning servant with audacity and assertiveness... his counseling of Cherubino during 'Non piu andrai' is hilarious... he drew the show's longest applause."
     - The News Journal, Delaware, 5/4/2009

"Andrew Cummings as the beefeater was appealing."
      - The New York Times, 6/21/2008

"Giorgio Germont was in the skilled hands of Andrew Cummings, whose strong and warm baritone caressed the ear.  His singing of 'Di Provenza il mar'... was sung with depth and bursts of vocal beauty that to this listener recalled the great Brooklyn-born baritone Robert Merrill."  
     - The Brooklyn Eagle, 3/18/2008

"Andrew Cummings  has a wonderful voice which established his authority whenever he appeared."
    - Chadds Ford Post, 10/30/2003

"Andrew Cummings is impressive in voice and presence."

    - Main Line Times, 5/30/2002
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